Flathead County 4-H Interstate Exchange


Interstate Exchange is where 4-H members from one state exchange with 4-H members from another state. Flathead County has been doing interstate exchange off and on since 1980's. The past 11 years we have been active in doing state exchanges with the following states Texas, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio. We are now in the process of contacting states so that we can host 4-H members from another state the end of June 2017 and traveling to that state the end of June or beginning of July 2018. When we host we pick activities that include sight seeing, educational, community service, group and family time. If you will be 14 to 19 years old by June 1, 2018 you are eligible to participate.  Please contact Wendy Morris (261-3605) or the extension office about upcoming meetings.

Objectives for this program focuses on building the following life skills:

  • Fostering a positive self-concept
  • Learning decision-making and responsibility for choices
  • Developing an inquiring mind
  • Relating to self and others
  • Acquiring a concern for communities-local an global
  • Learn tolerance and acceptance of others different from themselves



We will be hosting 4-H members from New Castle County, Delaware from June 29th thru July 6th of 2017.  Flathead County 4-H members will get to do their exchange in 2018.   Also we will be having a silent auction in the foyer of the livestock building at the fairgrounds during the market sale auction. If someone would like to donate an item or service to contact Wendy Morris (261-3605) or the extension office.


Families should be aware that 4-Hers may be staying with families and hosting 4-Hers of various cultural backgrounds including race, religion, sexual orientation, income, lifestyles, age, disability, national origin, and political beliefs.

Members will do their best to represent the Flathead County 4-H program by conducting themselves in such a way that will be the best possible representation of themselves, through their abilities, personal appearance and respect for others. Be able to answer questions about Montana and 4-H and get answers to the questions you don't know. We are representing 4-H and Montana while traveling and hosting and we need to know the program in which we are enrolled and the state in which we live.

Contact Info

Wendy Morris

Flathead County 4-H Interstate Exchange